There are no stupid questions.

FAQ’s and Policies

Where’s FOS stuff made?  USA...

We will only sell American-made products. We drove ourselves nuts digging into several manufacturers, only to find that they were selling out, and buying or making their stuff overseas—which we hate and disagree with vehemently. We’re working on a Master Plan for all of this.  

We are actively looking for more American Made product, meaning, we are actively seeking a companies that can say they make their product in USA. 

*If you are a company like this, made 100% in America, by Americans, or if you know of one, we want to talk. Please reach out to us via our Contact Us link right away.

Is there a warranty on products?

You bet. FOS has a warranty of 30 days for all apparel. This means if your item has rips, logo is cracking or defects that are our fault, we will replace it free of charge if proper documentation, including a photo of the issue and product, is sent to us at After 30 days, we call it a sale. Our goal is to get you something great, that you can wear the heck out of and show your FOS pride. Keep up the good work.


What’s our return policy?

Any reason; you fat-fingered the wrong key, changed your mind, joined a nudist colony, lost a bet, whatever. That’s just neighborly business. All you have to do is email with your name, order number,  what you'd like to return and reason.  Just package the shirt back up and give it to your USPS mail carrier or local post office. There’s a flat $5.00 restocking fee for returns that will be deducted from the refund.  A full refund for product, including original shipping costs will be emailed to you as confirmation once items is received. Items must be back to us within 14 days of you receiving the original order. Shirts cannot be worn or washed (trying the shirt on doesn't count as worn). Rock on.

What is the exchange policy?

Shirt doesn't fit? Want a different color? No worries, it happens. We offer free exchanges so that you can get what you want. Just email us at with your name, order number, what you'd like to exchange and reason. We will email you back approval with a pre-paid return label. Package the item up, attach the label, and give it to your USPS (UPS). Once received we will ship your exchange in 24 hours.  Easy day.

Can I cancel an order?

Hell no. Just kidding. You have to cancel BEFORE the item gets made/ships. If an order is cancelled there will be a restocking fee of a whopping $5, and return shipping. We know things happen, so we’ll always try to work with you. In Austin Powers voice, “$1,000,000 dollars…”


Are there rush orders?

We’re always in a hurry, if that’s what you’re asking. Not yet, but we’re working on creating a rush-order process next. Items in stock ship within two days of order. In the future we also plan to offer print-on-demand, which will take 5-7 days from the order. We’ll always stay late and work hard to get you your stuff as fast as we can. Of course if it’s the holiday season, we’ll bust butt and try to not let normal holiday lag, cause too much lag. It’s eggnog dependent.

How does your sizing work?

Our sizing chart is right here. Products are made to the measurements on our sizing charts with a tolerance of +/-10%. After you order, go easy on the pizza and beer so you don’t vary more than 10% either.

When will my order ship?

See above: “Are there rush orders?” In short; as quick as possible, as slow as necessary to get it right.

Do you offer bulk orders?

Yep,  we do and there will be price adjustment depending on # of products ordered. Shipping on pre-orders will be done as quick as we can, but we figure a minimum of three weeks (we gotta make it, box it, send it), depending on time of year (holidays get pretty busy). If we can get it to you faster, by hook or by crook, we will do our darndest.

What methods of payment can I use?

Well, gold works. Actually credit cards, debit cards and PayPal work best. We once bartered for a goat, that didn’t work at all.

Additional questions?

Give us a ring at 614-662-0803, 24/7. That’s an Ohio Google number. Don’t let that throw you. It rings in Austin, where FOS is headquartered. If you get our voicemail, a real American, living in America will return your call quick as a whistle (within 24hrs). Stay sexy.

We are FOS.