Flyover States Manifesto

The ‘flyover states’, as in, “Those idiots in the ‘flyover states’.” It’s a derogatory term coined with malicious intent by arrogant politicians, news anchors and entertainment “personalities” who control the national airwaves. They are waging a campaign to silence and coerce all who fail to agree with them. But silence us they will not.

They seek to destroy local pride held by Americans living in the vast regions of this great nation to which the term sarcastically refers. It has been said, that anywhere one might fly over to get from New York to LA qualifies as a ‘flyover state’. So be it.

“FOS” is the response to these “thought leaders” and “influencers” who attempt to shame, silence and coerce our dignified, well-run families, our proud neighborhoods, cities, farming and ranching communities and states.

What are the real Flyover States?  FOS are where the sound of breaking glass means someone has a new football. FOS are where a prairie fire means neighbors show up with whatever is needed; hay, livestock, clothing, food; to help a neighbor, their family and their business get back up and running. FOS are where the elderly get the snow shoveled from their driveways first. FOS are where people wave as they pass while driving, and open a door for a stranger. FOS are where kids grow up working alongside parents and grandparents and learn to value, family values. FOS are where differences are respected, and the weak are protected by the strong. FOS are where the jets we all fly in are actually built. The FOS are what the entire world hopes America is, and will always be. For the Flyover States are where honor, integrity, patriotism, generosity, humility and bravery still stand unwaveringly.

We are the Flyover States, and we stand for all that, which FOS represents. Henceforth we wear this mark, FOS, and wear it with great pride.